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At Grads, we focus on holistic development of each and every child so the evaluation system needs to keep a track of all round development of students.
The records we maintain are:
1. Portfolios – to record works in individual potential
2. Anecdotal reports – to keep a track of development of various life skills such as thinking skills, emotional skills, social skills.
3. The academic report card – to record development of skills in curricular and co-curricular areas
Since the curriculum is skill based, the academic assessment and Evaluation system is designed to focus on various scholastic and co scholastic skills.

Pre primary
– The skill-based evaluation is continuous. Various skills and sub skills are focused on regularly, through age appropriate activities and evaluated continuously. Remediation is provided to support development of specific skills if required.

– We conduct regular skill-based assessments during the concept development phase, so as to ensure that learning outcomes of every student from cognition to high order thinking skills, is in progress. Support is provided to each child as per their Performance enhancement plan and remediation is done.

High school
– We conduct assessments for middle school as per CBSE recommendations. Assessments are skill- based. Projects are conducted and evaluated for each chapter in all subjects. Integrated projects are conducted where students get a chance to explore and apply learnings of all subjects. Support is provided to each child. As per their performance enhancement plan, remediation is given.