My dear friends (students and teachers), “Don’t wait for time. Make it, Don’t wait for love. Spread it, Don’t wait for path. Find it, Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it, Don’t go for less. Strive for the best. Don’t compare. Be unique. Don’t cry over your misfortune. Transform it. Don’t avoid failure. Use it. Don’t dwell on mistake. Learn from it. Don’t back down. Go around. Don’t close your eyes. Open your mind. Don’t run from life. Embrace it.”

All – round development is the focus of every school today. Integral education is the need of the hour and in our school we listen to every need. Integral education takes into account five principle aspects: physical, mental, vital (emotional and volitional), social (responsibility towards society) and spiritual.

Through the embellishment of these principles, when you realise your inner strength, your life becomes more meaningful and more fulfilled. Self-discipline, self-criticism, finding good in others and following Socrates’s filter test are the tools for developing inner strength, which takes you an extra mile.

Aditi Basu Roy

In this knowledge society it is important to acquire knowledge for a living but developing a value base and life skills gives you strength and happiness. Life is like a roller coaster ride, where we experience both ups and downs. In Sanskrit. it is said “चक्रवत परिवर्तन्ते सुखानि च दुःखानी च”. But through the inner peace; we can handle ourselves in different life situations with dignity and serenity. Inner peace is like a self defence training which has to be practised every day. With this inner peace you can learn better, serve better and live better. Dear friends, change your mindset and develop inner peace within you.