Grads International School Clubs Details 2018-19

 S.NO.    Club      In-charge’s
    1.    Green DiscoveryMs. Sadhana and Ms. Afshan
    2.    LiteratiMs. Swati and Ms. Parul
    3.   SOS-First AidMs. Sonika
    4.    AestheticsMs. Babita
    5.    Stage CraftMs. Susheela
    6.    GourmetMs. Charu
    7.    Mind SparkMiss. Pooja Sharma, Ms. Jyotishna, Ms. Varsha

Green Discovery Club :
The purpose of the Green Discovery club is to promote interest, understanding and knowledge of the scientific world. Here the children focus on various activities like organising science fairs – where projects are created, executed and presented; presentation of scientific discoveries or explorations are done, protection and promotion of nature is discussed and implemented upon.

Literati – The Literary Club :
The literary club at the school was founded to promote language and literature with the aim to develop confidence in many aspiring students who want to excel in all-round activities. It offers opportunities to participate in literary debates, games, quizzes, essay or creative writing, while also enhancing a student’s analytical and creative thinking skills and developing confidence and command in the language and public speaking.

SOS – The First aid Club :
Help giving to a sick or injured person or to self until full medical treatment is available is an important training that must be inculcated in every student from a young age. This helps them to save themselves and others. This will not only teach them compassion and service, but also grow an inclination and respect towards the medical profession.

Aesthetics -The Art and Craft Club :
Fine art is an essential part of a school curriculum. But in the Aesthetic club, students go beyond regular curriculum. While mastering the subject, they develop their visual and spatial learning, fine motor skills, perseverance, focus and collaboration.

Stage Craft – The Dramatics Club :
The dramatics club is a center for developing creative communication. Students express themselves through role plays and script writing. They also learn event management and self-discipline.

Gourmet – The Food Craft Club :
It is said that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”! In our Gourmet club, students combine their culinary expertise with aesthetics, to create innovative dishes which not only make them happy but also develop in them in an important life skill.

Mind Spark Mathematics:
Mind Spark Mathematics is an additional facility given to students on chargeable basis to hone their mathematical and computational skills regularly.